I realize this is not the thread for gaming, but my post is more concerned with the type of error that is occurring with my game. I am trying to play Civilization V (latest expansion pack), and everything worked fine for about two months (all on Windows 10) until literally the New Year. Now, at various times when loading the game (sometimes before it launches, and sometimes when it is trying to load a particular save), the game suddenly crashes. Windows says that the game has stopped working properly and that Windows would notify me if a solution is available. When I go into the Event Viewer, it seems that it is a problem with the game's .exe file, and the error code is 0XC0000005. Everything that I've read says that this is an "Access Violation" and that it sometimes has to do with RAM.

Does anyone on here know anything about this type of error? Is it a problem with the game or with Windows 10? I have reinstalled the game, updated Windows, updated my graphics card drivers... nothing seems to fix the issue (though the game rather mysteriously runs fine on my Windows 10 laptop). I am just looking for any input on what might be the culprit for this issue.