If you receive an SMS from a new phone number or if you manually dial a phone number, it doesn't appear that you can save the number to your contacts list as a new contact. With SMS, if you click on the phone number you received the SMS from and then the save icon (the only option available) it just opens the People app, making it seem like it's disappeared somewhere. With the phone dialer, again if you hit the save icon, it just throws you into the People app leaving the user to wonder where it's disappeared to.

I'm not entirely sure why Microsoft designed it this way as it pretty rubbish, however it is possible to save numbers. After hitting the save button, you then need to click the '+' symbol in the People app as if creating a new contact from scratch. Why it doesn't just go straight to the 'New Outlook Contact' Screen is beyond me, as that would be the most logical and user-friendly way to do it.

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