I have been Using Yankee Clipper for years. Since Windows XP at least. Recently it's been throwing an "Error Saving File." As this program was last updated in 2000 (I think) and no new versions are in the offing I thought rather than troubleshoot I'd look for something more modern.

Freeware is preferred. I don't need a lot of fancy formatting options. I don't need to save copied images.

One feature I do require is a persistent history between Windows sessions.

Basically what I want is something that starts with Windows and saves all copied text to a list that can be easily accessed from the System Tray or context menu for pasting later. In Yankee Clipper for instance double clicking it's icon in the System Tray pops a list of all saved items.

There are lots of options available. Rather than play trial and error I thought first I'd seek the experience of the good users of this fine forum.

TIA for any recommendations.