When a game crashes for this example when i play civ 5, the screen will freeze so I try to exit the program by doing the following:-

Alt +F4.... does not work (does nothing)
Try to open task manager by alt - ctrl - del but cannot bring it to the front to even use it....
Try to alt + tab but does not work
Try to alt + enter but also.. does....not...work...

Its 2015... almost 2016.. a game shouldent bring windows 10 to its knees..

The only fix for this is to restart the pc which is frankly unacceptable so my questions are as follows:-

1) Why doesn’t windows 10 let you close or end crashed games / programs and force you to restart
2) Is there a way to fix this?
3) I had no problems with windows 7 when this kind of thing happened, why has windows 10 received a downgrade to is functionality?

Thanks for any help in advance!