Hi all,
I've been running w10 pro N 64 since day one. On the whole no major problems.
Remember when 1511 was introduced and M.S broke the media feature pack. M.S realised this and released a new feature pack. All was well with playing videos.

A couple of weeks ago the sky news app videos stopped playing . All my videos on the windows photo viewer app won't play. To play youtube videos on ie I have to put it into compatability mode. All my music won't play using Windows media player. Missing codec?
VLC plays all videos, no problems.

I thought it was the new graphics drivers (R9280x) rolled back, still no luck. Run Sfc, no errors. All drivers up to date.

So, I think i need to reinstall the media feature pack. Any way to delete and reinstall. Or MS needs to fix it again.