I am setting up my first Windows 10 computer, having been on Windows 7 for a number of years, and I have run into a problem with the Microsoft Store. I have never had a Microsoft account before but I decided to go with the flow and allow my user accounts to be Microsoft accounts rather than local accounts. But my admin account is strictly a local account.

I am setting up a new computer, so naturally I plan to install software from the admin account and then set user accounts to be able to use it. The Microsoft Store doesn't ask for an account until you select something to buy or download. So I selected a free app to download (Audiobooks from Audible, I think it was), and responded to the Choose an account prompt, while logged into my admin account, but I responded with my personal Microsoft account information. Seems to me that it asked me for account information twice, but I'm not positive. Anyway, the Store now seems to be somehow linked with my admin account and unavailable from my user account.

When I now bring up the Store from my admin account and select something to download, the "Choose an account" pop-up displays my Email address, which is the login for my Microsoft account, as used for my user account on this computer, PLUS an entry entitled "Microsoft account Outlook.com, hotmail, Live.com, MSN". Selecting the second choice asks me to enter the login info for a different Microsoft account, or to create a new account. OK, this makes sense.

But now, when I go to the Store from my personal user account and select something to download, the “Choose an account” popup is literally blank – nothing in it except “Choose an account” and the Close button, which obviously does nothing useful since I couldn't choose an account! I haven't been able to find a solution to this problem. I also noticed that the little person icon just to the left of the Search box now has a plus sign (+) at the lower right corner.

I tried re-registering the Store, as suggested at Store - Re-register in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums, but it didn't correct the user account problem.

QUESTIONS: How do I manage the account(s) that the Microsoft Store uses? To be more specific, how can I remove my Microsoft account from the admin's Store and add it to my user account's Store? Shouldn't I be able to use the same Microsoft account to download to multiple users? How? What does the plus sign mean? Is there a manual somewhere that would have these answers??