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    Sync v2.0 and hot swap box

    Hi I ended up finally getting this device,
    Dual ssd swap case, Vantec 2.5-Inch Dual Bay Trayless SATA III - 6G Mobile Rack (MRK-225S6-BK): Computers & Accessories

    Not sure how to go about using it though,
    This was referred to by @topgundcp to use because my mobo doesn't support hot swap ?
    Sync v2.0

    I installed this on win-7 but it doesn't seem to do anything it only flashes a black screen and disappears in a second :/
    So entering any commands is impossible to use -e and -f is what topgun had posted ?
    Any ideas how to use this dual ssd swap case in a real way is welcome :)
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    You need to run it as administrator. By default it flushes internal drives. If you want to use the switches to flush external drives you can run it from an administrator command prompt (or make a shortcut that includes the switches).

    I used this tutorial to run as administrator without the UAC pop-up - Elevated Program Shortcut - Create for Standard User - Windows 7 Help Forums

    It always flashes quickly - don't worry about that. Just check it is working OK with admin command prompt as below..

    The target path for the shortcut to run as administrator is below (you will need to change the bits in red to your computer name and where you have saved the sync.exe object)

    C:\Windows\System32\runas.exe /user:Adam-X201\Administrator /savecred "C:\Users\adam\OneDrive\Windows Software\sync.exe"
    It works on Ten Preview as well. hth
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    Hi thanks for confirming the flashing thing it was really weird :/

    I was also wondering if adding a task would be an option at shutdown incase I forgot to actually run it ?
    And if so how exactly ?
    I also assume this task would have to be done on win-10 as well :/
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    You don't need to flush your buffers before shutting down - you need to do it before removing a drive when the system is running. (Don't try to remove the drive your currently running operating system is on :) )

    The system will automatically write data to disk before powering off. If your PC is turned off there is no issue removing the drives.

    I have a SATA drive in my docking station and flush it before undocking my laptop. I'm not clear what you are trying to achieve here. Sync.exe is great if you can't hot-swap. If you want to swap drives when your PC is turned off then you needn't do anything.
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    Ha okay well I don't mind shutting down to sway out the different ssd's :)

    I'm just not sure yet what will happen doing so when I remove the existing booting ssd now with 7 on it,
    Then swap it out with a new ssd then doing a normal install of 10 on it,
    The 10 install should "if I format it deleting any existing factory stuff" will install a 100mg recovery partition and the main os on C about the same as win-7 is now,

    So the disconnect and going back and forth what is know to happen ? will either os boot as it did prior or will I have to go to F2 bios and do some thing there every time ?

    This dual case is a internal so the normal connections exist to connect as a single ssd or hdd for that matter to power and mobo,
    The second ssd slot is mainly to store the other ssd I'm not going to connect the power to the second ssd slot,

    Hopefully that's makes some sense
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    I don't know anything about dual booting - I just did an upgrade (from 8.1 to TP) and hoped for the best. I saw a lot of threads here saying it was better to remove your existing OS drive before installing TP though if you could as it caused boot loader issues.

    If you are always shutting down and swapping disks (one with 7 on and one with 10 ) neither will know anything about the other and either would boot fine when its time came. The best method for choosing via boot manager at start-up I don't know though.

    Someone will help out on that one I'm sure.
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    Yea dual booting with 10 corrupts the boot manager completely
    The past I have done dual boot on the same drive on a separate partition and I've had to do 2 re-installs of 7 because of 10 taking it over,
    Using separate drives now and doing as you hoping for the best so I can stop having to deal with the know corruotion 10 does to boot manager or what it's done to me twice,
    Trying to avoid a third
    There was no easy way to swap drives before now I have that accomplished,
    Now it's just a matter of getting some verification of what might happen switching them out and restarting lol I don't like surprises
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