I have a pack of fonts, that when used with office 2013, it shows up as gibirish.
I have them since office 2003, and had the same problem when I upgraded, and used them with office 2007, a friend of mine, was able to remap them (some type of number system), and it worked great. And it worked fine with office 2010 as well, but when I started using office 2013, I ran into the problem again, the above friend was able to remap some of them, but it takes him between 30 minutes to an hour each font. And not worth his time.
My question is, if someone would know how to do it, and I can do it myself, or maybe there is a really simple way how to fix it quickly.

The fonts in question, are right to left language fonts, hebrew fonts.
They work fine in all the programs I tried them, except for office 2013 and above. I have tried on different systems, windows vista up to windows 10, and the problem shows up only in office 2013 and above.

Thanks in advanced.