Windows 10: Microsoft Apps suddenly broken Solved

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  1.    06 Dec 2015 #11

    I'd be interested in the ACL list also because I'm getting "access denied" errors. I figure somewhere among all the repair suggestions, the WindowsApps permissions got messed up. I just need to know what they should be.
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       07 Dec 2015 #12

    I too am in much the same situation, with many important apps gone, including Windows Store itself, People, Calculator, Camera, Photos. My four restore points did not solve the problem, nor did the command in Windows Power Shell (first time I have used it). WPS reports for each affected app that 'the package cannot be cannot be registered because there was a merge failure.' --- whatever that means.

    It is clear now this is a serious and widespread issue. Can one expect Microsoft to produce a fix, any time soon? Before I realised it was a common problem I had a chat session with a MS technician, not that I have much confidence in them. All he could suggest was a reinstall via the media creation tool. I was not keen on this but comments here suggest it may have to be done. Is it the case that all apps and non-Store programs and files can be retained? Is the procedure 'fairly easy'? I paid (quite a lot) to a technician to do the W10 upgrade and don't really want to pay again.
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  3.    08 Dec 2015 #13

    The short answer is yes, with the MCTool, you can reinstall Windows 10 such that all non-Store programs and files can be retained. And it is fairly easy. You download the MCT, it creates an ISO file or a DVD or a bootable USB stick, your choice. Then you mount it, run its 'setup.exe', tell it you want to keep everything, and then just wait, maybe an hour or three.

    i had a long explanation here how and why I do it, but I hit the wrong key (angry and surprised emoji faces here). I'm trying to fix the same problems you are, and I'll recreate how I'm making progress. Tomorrow.
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  4.    24 Dec 2015 #14


    Same problem here. I seem to be missing the WinStore folder/directory completely from C:\Windows\. This is on a couple of weeks old install of Windows 10 v10586. Funny thing is I never did anything to the Web Store, I wouldn't touch it with a stick. I was trying to load the Xbox app to turn off DVR Recoding to fix a Windows 10 Nvidia Shadowplay memory leak and the Xbox App wasn't logging me into it with error 0x409. From then it just spiraled out of control. Tried PowerShell command to re-register all apps and that broke every single app possible coming up with rubish @Microsoft.blabla names and rendering them useless. Used System Restore to bring back my apps. Now all my apps are working apart from the XBox one as before but if I use the PowerShell command they all break as before and I can't download any other apps from the Web Store at all, they just come up as "Working" continuously. Tinkered with services.msc BITS, Windows Update and all that and nothing works.

    Ever since I installed W10 I've had nothing but problems. Seems every day I open this PC (medium spec gaming PC with SSD) I spend about half my day fixing issues with it. I don't want to ****ing reinstall my W10 every other day, it's a pain in the ass setting it as I want just once... This is easily the worst Windows I have ever worked with. I've already tried to Reset it once, couldn't get rid of previous installation files after and it corrupted just as fast soon enough so am skeptical of the In-Place Update.

    Keep your damn Apps on tablets/phones and keep PCs separate. Microsoft going in the wrong direction completely.

    Additional details: DISM + SFC no issues, WSReset.exe works but doesn't solve anything, Troubleshooter shows no issues with Web Store... Ya....Right!
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       25 Dec 2015 #15

    Have I misunderstood something? Is it the case that if you re-install with a MCT you can keep your third-party apps but just lose your Store apps? As many of my Store apps are broken anyway I am expecting to have to re-install them at some point, when the bug has been fixed.

    Here is another question. Many of my programs, and since the November update some of my Store apps, are now on an integral SD Memory Card, plus a few on a USB Flash Drive. Am I right in thinking these would not be touched by the re-install? If so that would make things easier.

    My main reservation is that it way not be so straightforward to re-install because of the limited amount of storage space on my C Drive, 5 GB or less. This is why i paid a techie to do the upgrade, it needed expertise I do not have. The November update was also difficult for the same reason, but I succeeded in the end despite notifications that the storage space was inadequate.

    By the way, I have not found appealing for help with the Store and apps bug, on the Microsoft Community forum of much use (so far).
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  6.    25 Dec 2015 #16

    Incorrect I would assume. Since W10 is basically reinstalling, it won't know what apps you have and to reinstall them, so I would think they will still physically be on your HDD but won't be linked to the Web Store as if purchased. No idea how you would link them through PowerShell commands or Regedit. My suggestion is to make a physical list of the apps you currently have installed and reinstall them all 1 by 1 after the reformat.

    PS: Maybe there's some bundle installer somewhere for your apps like NiNite is for programs?
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       25 Dec 2015 #17

    [QUOTE=IFlip92;512958]Incorrect I would assume. Since W10 is basically reinstalling, it won't know what apps you have and to reinstall them, so I would think they will still physically be on your HDD but won't be linked to the Web Store as if purchased.

    I am not clear about this. Are you saying that apps installed on an integral (or other) Memory Card are still linked to the Store in some way, so they would be affected by a re-install of Windows? I realise this is new territory as it has only been possible to install apps on a Memory Card since the November update --- except that it was possible with Windows 8, not with 8.1.
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  8.    25 Dec 2015 #18

    You can "upgrade" Windows 10 to Windows 10 to perform a repair install. I've done it several times with the media created by MCT. I mount the media (USB stick or DVD), navigate to the drive letter, and double-click on SETUP. It replaces the Windows software, but leaves all my third-party applications and their configurations, and all my documents, just like the original upgrade. It takes 1 to 3 hours for me. I've done this to fix glitches in Windows that just seem to appear, and it works. I suppose I could do the same by going to the upgrade site and select "Upgrade my computer", but I've never tried it.
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  9.    27 Dec 2015 #19

    Never ever run that powershell command to repair apps. All it does it breaks apps that only a refresh can fix. You have been warned.
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       06 Jan 2016 #20

    Yes, I am afraid you are right. It is suspected that there is a bug in the November update for which the PowerShell command to re-register apps is a trigger. I just hope that Microsoft is about to issue a fix.
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