I only noticed this last night but I can say before the November update Netflix worked fine. Also I spent almost 2 hours with Netflix in chat last night only in the end to be told they don't really have support for windows 10 yet and they just try to fly with what worked with windows 8.

I can get the Netflix app to launch but it will not allow me to sign in giving me an error that something may be wrong with my profile. I have watched Netflix the last 2 days on my Android phone, my Wii, and in Firefox on this computer. Netflix is connecting to their servers because I have purposely put a wrong password and the error changes to wrong password not bad profile.

The last thing that Netflix said to try was to try to contact Microsoft to find out where Metro App stored their cache so I could delete that in case it was not being removed when I uninstalled and reinstalled. Something tells me it is not because in the store then I reinstalled it last, right before it completed I noticed it said copying user data.

Anyone know where this cache is and if it is safe to manually delete it?