I just wanted to toss this out there in the event it could help someone else. I recently built a new computer based surrounding an Asus Maximus VIII Hero motherboard. I installed all the utilities and later had issues running Quicken 2014. I have a love hate relationship with Quicken but its worked good for me over the years despite some of their questionable tactics. After running thought the web to troubleshoot I made an assumption that it was a windows 10 incompatibility. So I upgraded to Quicken 2016 which is stated to be windows 10 compatible. Well I installed it and had the same issues. Doing what I should of done in the first place I started killing everything that was running. I emptied my system tray and loaded it back one item at a time until quicken started to fail. The culprit was Sonic Studio from ASUS. I uninstalled the software and have not had any issues with Quicken yet. I will continue to observe for further issues but as of yet its running fine. I'm hoping this will pop up on a google search for someone else having issues with Quicken.