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    Windows 10 Apps Completely Removed

    So I had a virus on my computer that I managed to get rid of. However, ever since the virus I have not been able to use any of the windows 10 preinstalled apps (such as photos, windows store, etc.) I am quite good and surfing the web, and I have looked everywhere, but nothing has helped. Upon closer inspection, I found that the entire folders containing exe.s such as WSHost (Windows Store exe.) have been completely removed, and I know no way of installing them again. Anyone who knows how to fix this or is interested in looking into this, please help.
    Thanks in advance

    Computer Model: Acer S7-393
    Virus was installed through an application I downloaded that seemed to be designed to fix my drivers and correctly diagnosed the driver I had issues with. I set it to repair, it worked. I went on to update other drivers through it and got a virus warning through my anti-virus (avast) utility software. I allowed it on the basis the program had previously worked and therefore seemed benign. Oops.
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    Hello JTechnology Welcome to the Ten Forums!

    There won't be any way to simply reinstall the MS Store or other prepackage non defaults in 10 besides seeing a full clean install! As for the Windows DVD Player that will be another item automatically lost when replacing the upgrade you saw? with a fresh copy of 10 going on. MS charges $15US for that separately while having tossed it in as a separate incentive once the upgrade of 10 is on.

    With any virus causing that much contamination that only real solution to fix all bugs now would seeing the latest Threshold 2 build go on as a fresh clean install. You will certainly want to go over the drive with a good antivirus program even if you have to run a 30 day trial to clean up any bugged files before backing things up. The drive will likely need to see a full wipe without a good program used to locate and removed changed files depending on the type of malware. Some recode files that are simply being stored on the drive locally to self generate at a later time after the OS has been wiped clean only to reinfect once again!

    If you already have an av program I would say it let you down big time! where you may want to consider a change there as well. One suggestion for any new software would be one that includes it's own firewall as well as seeing web filters put into effect to prevent future mishaps! A good filter blocks a bad site! You got hit with something there that trashed the present 10 install and the unfortunate side will be the need to clean things up.

    With any new version of Windows you should always plan on the need to see a few clean installs take place and not simply could on the initial upgrade for sure as not lasting long anyways. The best move is to download and save the 10 "Windows.iso" to a folder on a local drive ahead of time for any repair or replacement needs which you have one there.

    The updated Media Creation tool will now download the 4 in 1 iso containing both editions as well as both the 32bit and 64bit sides and automatically detect which you have on when run as an upgrade while you will want the fresh install using the Custom option while booted live from the 10 media the tool can create for you on an 8gb flash drive since the iso is 5.48gb once saved to disk in size. If you need advice for at least a temp install of an effective av program for clean up I can point you at that as well. You get the full version to try out using the temp license you get in by email. For getting 10 however you will need to visit the Get Windows 10 page and scroll down for the Creating USB Media part for the Media Creation tool's download link.
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    As for the Windows DVD Player that will be another item automatically lost when replacing the upgrade you saw?
    No. I checked, and the films and tv app (windows 10 doesn't have the old windows DVD Player) is intact. Apparently not all pre-installed apps were lost

    You will certainly want to go over the drive with a good antivirus program even if you have to run a 30 day trial to clean up any bugged files before backing things up.
    I did, as I mentioned I got rid of the infection.

    If you already have an av program I would say it let you down big time

    If you read the bottom bit of my reply, I explain that I let it through my av, which is a very good av.

    I'm not going to spend money on fixing it, unless it has more than a once-off use. However, will a backup of my files and a full system restore fix the apps? Worst case, I'll live with it. I'm quite interested in computers though, so I will eventually find some way of getting rid of my issue. Thankyou for your help.
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    Well I'm afraid I got used to one software that acts like a protective nanny and actually has to shut down at times to get onto harmless file sharing sites as well as flagging any new downloads with an options for McAFail or some toolbar option you have to uncheck during the install.

    Often a good number of these so called Driver Detectives not that program by name but making similar claims are nothing more then trojan downloaders where you may think you have everything cleaned up since you don't see any active unknown processes while the bugs are still asleep that got placed on you! Others like fakeware scams can ties things up like seeing a new Windows Process Doctor lock up the taskmanager until you buy a program that doesn't even exist! They get clever in disguishing things don't they?

    The statement you made about the items like the MS store removed entirely however suggest a well written bug got on and has removed things only a second upgrade to repair or a clean install to start all over fresh can see put back on! When having unpinned the Edge icon on the tackbar that took a few days to track down only a replacement since no folder or executable file could be found while the Start 10 app installed traced to that app's own launcher.exe file showing how embedded Edge is!

    This is the type of situation you have going for yourself there. You could go to the MS store itself to see if the free addon for the store is found as well as few other freebie addon. As for the Photos app that can easily be replaced with the Windows Photo Viewer that can be put back into use and a much better option for the pc user! The new Photos is geared more for the hand helds and touchscreen there while not such a good viewer after all.

    As for the trial I was talking about that would be a limited 30 trial you run free which the software company provides free in order to evaluate the program before deciding to buy or not. You'll see this type of option with many softwares. You are not obligated into anything.

    It seems apparent by the description you provided the present 10 install you have there needs to be replaced in order to see a reliable OS put back on again as well as the apps lost! The Windows DVD Player(brand new for 10) will come in as a Windows update separate from the original upgrade you saw but will be lost with any clean install automatically since MS only threw that in as an incentive to stay with 10 and not revert back to any previous version. The Windows Media Player is still included and found in the Windows Accessoriesin the Start menu>AllApps section there.

    They pooched things with Windows 8 no longer mentioned but they only say 7 and 8.1 upgrades to 10 when having stripped dvd and codecs type support out of Windows Media Player which had seen dvd playback capability since WMP 10 came out for XP. (Try DVDFab 9 That's a nice little free player for both dvd and video files.)
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    Thanks for all your advice! So I downloaded the Windows 10 iso (it didn't cost anything thankfully) and backed up what I wanted kept on my computer to an external drive. I ran the iso to completely reinstall windows, removing all programs and files to be sure. It worked, and upon restart I found all my apps opened and my computer ran as It should. Thanks Night Hawk for all your help.
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    That's good news to hear! For most wanting to know how soon they can see a clean install go on has been one of the main questions since the July 29 release date. Plus you now are running with the Threshold 2 build that just came out to replace the 10240 from July being the latest.

    A clean install is generally preferred anyways as well as the method to see all those items MS tossed in put back on again except now for the Windows DVD Player app which won't come back again as a regular upgrade's update since the clean install was seen to. That's where the DVDFab9 will become a more appealing substitute! Originally it was someone else here at TenF that pointed out the older DVDFab2 version of the player with 9 being the latest for that.

    With everything on and running again as well as having an external drive to work with another suggestion I could add here now would be seeing a full system image backup made of the main drive there you can always put back on later if something else gets lost.

    With any clean install of the OS here I always count on seeing an image made right away and have different images stored for laptops as well as for the desktops in use here I keep for others as well. Personally I still have the 2010 version of Acronis True Image still going here while you can still use the built in option for this as well. System image - Create in Windows 10

    Another handy little gadget is an small flash drive that will slip onto a key chain being 8gb in size to see a Recovery Drive made up with. In case you don't have the 10 media available at some point you can pull out the small flash drive and boot live from that if Windows won't start up for some reason and may not see the F8 boot options menu appear during some mishap like a set of disk errors. Recovery Drive
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