Hi all,

To start we have three separate installation packages (Windows Installer .msi's) we create. They basically work fine with no needed modifications to work in the Windows 10 World.

Once on the system, we are able to remove 2 of the three from System-Apps & Features, but one just briefly displays an install progress bar and that is it - no error message of any kind. The entry still remains in the listing.

When I check the Event Log, I see nothing more than uninstall failed - not much detail.

If I go to the good old Control Panel, I'm able to remove the installed application in question as hoped.

What is the difference between the two methods of removal? How can I troubleshoot the issue I am seeing trying to remove via Apps & Features? Do I have to set something special in my install package? The thing is, I don't remember having to do anything special and they remove just fine.

Any help appreciated!!

Thanks in advance!!