Hi All, I created an MS account so I could install apps from the Store. Creating the MS account went smooth. I accessed the Store and attempted to install the Facebook app, and the progress bar went two thirds across the window and stopped moving. It still sits there. when I attempted to install a dictionary it says pending. It still says pending. When I first did the upgrade to WIN10 a few weeks ago there was a Weather app on the tiles that worked. One day it crapped out, and now that I have the MS Account it wont access again. I have a feeling there's a setting somewhere that needs to be turned on or something, but scouring the Settings I don't see anything. The only thing I do see is on System settings>Storage>Save Locations>New apps will save to> This PC (C) is greyed out and I don't see a way you activate the setting, if indeed that's something to do with my problem. Can anyone help me with my problem? Thanks.