Windows 10: Data files not saving correctly [File names but zero byte files] Solved

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  1.    17 Nov 2015 #11

    spapakons said: View Post
    Add user Everyone and give him full access as well.

    I've not tried everyone yet. But I am starting to believe Im causing more damage than good, down to my own mistakes.

    What I am concerned about is that some of the folders are short linked.

    So to remedy the whole situation.

    I am the only person using the system, but I dont want to leave it vulnerable to malicious attacks ie web browsing etc. I do use eset nod which appears to cover security bases.

    If I shared everyone what impact will that have on the overall security if any?

    The second line of thought. Is there a method to reset the whole system including all the drives/folder to a default?
    Third line of thought. If I copy all the folders to a backup drive. Format the data drive and transfer all the folders back to the data drive. Would the permissions have reset or stayed the same?

    Below is a screenshot of the main root folder on the e:\ data drive that is causing the problem.,

    What do you reckon I should do. It looks messy and Im not comfortable with what I am seeing. So I believe I should try and reset all the permissions, but I do not know what the should be ie what groups and enable inheritable or not?

    The main user drive folder on the c drive is:

    I believe the data drive should be the same as the data drive as all programs now require to run as adminstartor to work and access the folder?
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 1709 (FCU build 16299.248)
       17 Nov 2015 #12

    If a hacker manages to attack your computer (very rarely for a casual user computer) no account will stop him. He will have full access even if you allow only the administrator account or encrypt the folder. So don't worry about that. I am not sure if running the following command in elevated command prompt also resumes the security settings to default:

    sfc /scannow
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  3.    17 Nov 2015 #13

    Appreciate your words re hacker, more malware or websites. But not overly conerned

    sfc /scannow not resolved.

    Think im going to have to reinstall not sure how that will impact the data integrity of the folders with the issue
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  4.    19 Nov 2015 #14


    Got control of the whole disk back using

    Now I'm back to my original state and problem with the program not saving to the preset location in my first post.

    I can manually edit, copy paster, delete folders in the files location. But the program itself, which is a plugin container program (installed with fill admin) runs inside the host DAW program which is installed and runs with full admin rights.

    So still unable to save to the relevant preset location

    See the videos below "Soundtoys Workaround" towards the 3 min mark onwards

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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 1709 (FCU build 16299.248)
       19 Nov 2015 #15

    This is even if you run the main application with administrator rights (right-click and Run as Administrator) ?
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  6.    19 Nov 2015 #16

    spapakons said: View Post
    This is even if you run the main application with administrator rights (right-click and Run as Administrator) ?
    Yes thats correct everything is installed with admin rights and Cubase has run this program as admin selected so always admin.

    I believe it's to do with the soundtoys preset folder location.

    It installs it at c:\users\public\documents\soundtoys.

    However when launching it throughs up an error stating cant find where it expects it and blacklists (wont load) the plugins.

    However by physically moving the soundtoys preset folder (not hard linking or anything like that, a direct cut and paste) to a self created folder and subfolder director to


    The main program is a Digital Audio Workstation; Cubase whch hosts plugin programs such as Soundtoys.

    I have submitted a support ticket to soundtoys. They got back to me last week requesting the error message. Not heard anythng since and sent them the video links yesterday.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 1709 (FCU build 16299.248)
       19 Nov 2015 #17

    Try clicking on Change settings for all users and then check the Run as Administrator box. It may be better.
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  •    19 Nov 2015 #18

    spapakons said: View Post
    Try clicking on Change settings for all users and then check the Run as Administrator box. It may be better.
    Was worth a shot, no luck unfortunately.
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  •    24 Nov 2015 #19

    I've come to the conclusion that this is either an issue with Soundtoys (software coding) or a redundant hardlink string corruption in my reg.
    Its stranbge that the software installs the preset data to
    but expects to see it in the
    and then makes the data visible but not editable.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 1709 (FCU build 16299.248)
       24 Nov 2015 #20

    Why don't you open Registry Editor (regedit) and then find and replace E:\user\public'soundtoys with C:\user\public\soundtoys. This could fix your problems.
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