I'm not even sure where to post this given that it spans a few topics, so here it is:

I believe I need to reinstall direct X on windows 10. When my screensaver is supposed to run

(which I previously had no problems with) it tells me that either (I hve gotten 2 messages)

Direct X is not installed, or Direct X Runtime is not functioning properly and a dll is

missing. My OS has stopped allowing me to access add or remove programs so I cannot uninstall

it. When I download the install file and try to run it it says I am running a newer version

already and an install is not needed. Even AVG and avast say I have the newest version

installed. I believe this was caused when I tried to install a game on my computer (which I

also cannot uninstall without reaching the menu). The game just flashes which is very bad

because I am epileptic but I assume it is some kind of campatibility issue with my video card

or driver and I can't seem to fix it in any way so I need to get rid of it. My computer says I

have the newest drivers and I cannot check the exact specs of my intel series chipset because

the checker I downloaded from the intel website will not run in windows 10 (so I cannot

properly troubleshoot the game). Also, when I click the link on the windows website to

download directx it just sends me to a page advertising that I should upgrade to windows 10 -

which I already have! So I was forced to download it from a third-party site just to hear that

I already have it installed so now I need to get rid of their dumb installer program also. So I

have a few questions:

1. Why can't I access my add or remove programs anymore? I hve tried typing it into the search

box and the option does appear but when I click on it it sends me to apps and features.

2. How do I uninstall this game?

3. How do I find out the specs of my video card so I have them for future reference?

4. Where is the proper link to download direct x from the windows website?

5. It says I can only access the latest windows 10 version through windows updates directly,

but I can't seem to navigate to the option to do so when I open the windows update settings.

How do I do this?

I feel like I am forgetting one of my questions but I just woke up and am having a very bad

day. Could someone help me please? If windows 10 keeps it up with all the problems I have had,

i am going to reinstall 7 and I would rather not be left in the dust when it comes to new


Now when I try to run the run-time package it says installation failed. WHAT is going on here?

Anyone who helps will get a free hug and a cookie.