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       16 Feb 2016 #351

    Win8.1PESE works nice and fast with YUMI Multiboot if added as a Windows 7/8/installer, but the win10PESE loaded in the same way on the same multiboot usb was overwritten by Win8.1PESE which I added to the USB after the Win10PESE.
    With Win10PESE added to the pendrive last, as a Windows 10 install Win10PESE runs.
    The last Windows 7/8/10 installer breaks any Windows installer previously added, so this is not going to be a Swiss army Knife.

    The 2 screenshots show how the Microsoft basic graphics adapter uses 1GB of system RAM in windows 10 PE and full OS, but only 256 MB in Windows 8 - I guess this is why so many older laptops with unsupported graphics are failing to upgrade with so little available RAM during setup, and if they do manage to install, why they run badly.
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    Well, I played around for a while with different settings (distro / ISO options) with no luck.

    Fafhrd, I did look over your post, thank-you. I guess it is possible, but perhaps not for what I'm trying to do as far as a one flash for all fixes. I'd actually like to be able to get AOMEI and Macruim (rescue bootables) on there more than the other, but I've been unable to get those to work either.

    I guess I'll just have to settle for a 2-3 flash drive first-aid kit.

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    I'd actually like to be able to get AOMEI and Macruim (rescue bootables) on there more than the other
    Already within PESE
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  4.    17 Feb 2016 #354

    Hi Kyhi,

    Already within PESE
    I was thinking that you meant that I can create an ISO image via the program which should work, but I'm not certain if I understand things correctly.

    I did just create a new ISO using AOMEI, however I was unable to get that to boot from the flash either. I used YUMI to add it to the flash drive. It did show on the on the boot options, but it indicated some type of an error, and would not continue. Since I was unsure if I was on the right path, I really did not try and decipher the problem at that time.

    If there is a way to get AOMEI and / or Macrium to boot from a multi-boot flash, which already contains some other ISOs / distros on there, would you be able to point me to what I'm missing?

    Many thanks,
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    I reckon it should be possible to put both 8.1 and 10 in a single Wim, just like you can get multi-image wims for different Windows editions. A small script in a tiny setup PE (image 1) then allows a menu selection of image 2 (Win8.1PESE) or 3 (Win10PESE) to complete the wimboot to ramdisk install.

    It might also offer a chance for persistence, in a similar way that Puppy Linux writes a file to the host machine HDD that preserves the state of the system on exit, and reads it on restarting so that user settings are preserved, the next time the OS is run.

    The persistent settings for the PE could reside in an xml file, rather like an unattend answer file, for instance, in the Boot folder of the active drive, or if the PE is loaded from a USB, in the boot folder there.
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  6.    17 Feb 2016 #356

    I am a Windows User....
    You can add, Ramdisk options, ISO and VHD to the BCD contained on the WinPESE media..
    You can setup a multi-boot USB by pointing to different folders...

    My disk already has Aomie and Macrium - and you can somewhat easily add additional portable programs and create a new ISO...

    So not sure what you asking of me.. you want to add an Aomie bootdisk image (iso) and a Macrium boot disk image (iso)
    I already created a boot disk - and added the Aomie and Macrium program files to it.. No need for booting additional ISO's...
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  7.    18 Feb 2016 #357

    I already created a boot disk - and added the Aomie and Macrium program files to it..
    Hi Kyhi, thanks again for the assistance.

    I'm trying to figure out how to add both AOMIE and Macrium bootable rescue ISO images to an existing multi-boot flash drive, which already contains other bootable live distros, such as Hiren's, Slacko, Orphcrack. My goal is to have several on there along side of both AOMEI and Macrium, and have just one rescue flash.

    I have tried using YUMI to accomplish this with no luck. I have also tried using RUFUS to put the first one on, then tried following up by using YUMI to add other ISOs with no luck either. I am able to create a bootable flash using AOMEI and Macrium to work on a single flash drive for each ISO, but not when I add them to a multi-boot flash drive. (Hope this makes some sense).

    In short:
    The problem is that I can not get AOMEI or Reflect ISOs to boot from the multi-boot flash. The other 'live distros' work fine that are on it, just not those two.

    Can I ask you how to were able to accomplish this?

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  8.    18 Feb 2016 #358

    Attachment 64895

    Maybe try EasyBCD
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  9.    18 Feb 2016 #359

    Again Kyhi, thanks for your time!

    I did just install EasyBCB, which seems like a nice program. I'll play around with it a bit and see if I can get it to work for what I'm trying to do.

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  10.    18 Feb 2016 #360

    create My Boot Disk to a USB... And boot from that USB... See what is there...

    Now if you needs to add other boot entries (ISO Files)
    You can use EasyBCD...
    Copy your ISO to my USB

    Point EasyBCD to use the BCD Store on my USB

    \BOOT\BCD for legacy

    \EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD for UEFI

    Add the entry for the ISO you copied to my USB (You'll have to add the entry twice = 1 legacy and 1 UEFI)
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