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    Very Good..
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    Windows 7/10

    I'm still having that problem. I can update CCleaner ok, but if i try to do anything else i get that same error again. I've even tried starting fresh and updating everything at once instead of opening up the last boot.wim that worked.
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    Stevm said:
    Works perfectly! Did everything on Windows 10 Pro X64 and then boot tested it on 2 other pc's. No errors and CCleaner even works!
    so what happened..
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    Windows 7/10

    Kyhi said:
    so what happened..
    If i try to make any other changes other than CCleaner it fails to boot again with the same error:

    RECOVERY Your PC/Device needs to be repaired. The application or operating system couldn't be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors. File: \windows\system32\boot\winload.exe Error code: 0xc0000225
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    Sorry out of options for you..
    The original works fine........
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    Windows 10

    Kyhi said:
    open command prompt (admin) and type
    list disk
    select disk # (# being usb stick)
    list partition
    select partition # (# being fat32 partition number... USB stick is usually just partition 1 )
    Awesome job on this WinPE iso project as many other have said before me. It would do Microsoft well to send you some $$ for all ur hard work :)

    I have a few questions if u don't mind...

    1) In regards to ur Fat32 advice above when attempting to make a bootable USB, does it not matter if the USB is set to GPT vs MBR depending on the current partition scheme of the Host PC? I figure there is a reason Rufus asks for such info in the first place?

    2) Can your tool be used to retrieve files off a Surface Pro 3/4 with BitLocker encrypted HDD if we know the encryption pwd or have the recovery key but the Surface Pro just can't boot into the OS? Also, does ur WinPE already include the Surface Pro storage drivers or do they need to be added?

    3) When using most of these apps in the WinPE environment, does one need to "point" the directory to the host PC's C: drive (or whatever the drive letter is) in order to use them? For example, apps like CCleaner Defraggler & HWinfo. As I figure by default they would provide info on the WinPE components.

    4) do u prefer to run DISM /ScanHealth over SFC /Scannow? I noticed the order priority based on ur post on @ the beginning of this great thread. And is there any risk with removing superseded Windows files from the component store?

    >> Apologizes for the 21 questions. I have been jumping thru the thread (since there are over 100 posts) trying to accumulate as much info before asking questions others might have answered already...
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    1) in order to boot UEFI the boot file have to be on Fat32 Partition > Legacy Boot does not matter Fat32 or NTFS
    In order to boot Legacy the Partition has to be set as Active... Thus Fat32 Partition on USB set as Active

    2) Bitlocker to go is a tool included, right click drive and select unlock, enter password.
    The generic MS drivers are included, although may require other special drivers for certain hardware.

    3) Yes you would have to point to the Host drive other wise some programs use the PE environment (CCleaner for example, will clean the PE registry).

    4) you can use either scanhealth or SFC - at one time SFC was flagging files a corrupt, when they where good, false positives. So prefer Dism commands..
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    Windows 10

    Kyhi said:
    4) you can use either scanhealth or SFC - at one time SFC was flagging files a corrupt, when they where good, false positives. So prefer Dism commands..
    Thnx for the responce @Kyhi

    I ran into a situation w/ a PC earlier today that i was attempting to repair and wanted to put ur tool to use (would be my first time using it) but ran into an issue I was hopping you could help me with.

    Long story short
    --> I ran JV Powertools on a PC and after restart the login User pwd will not work (which worked w/ no issues earlier) unless I attempt to login via Safe Mode -- it works via SafeMode. And after attempting to login to the PC a few times w/ what I know is the right pwd, the PC restarts and goes back to the login screen (it didn't do this prior).

    I am hoping to repair the PC (before I attempt a Reset via WinRE), by using ur WinPESE to run dism on the C: drive outside the OS. My issue is I am able to boot into your WinPESE via a USB formatted to Fat32 and all but I receive the following error at startup & then the PC shows a BSOD about 30 secs later before restarting and booting with no issues back into the C: drive.

    >> I have made no adjustments to the files of the iso image for what it's worth. After getting the error, I burned the iso to a CD and enabled Legacy boot on the Hp PC and got the same results.

    Windows 10 Recovery Tools - Bootable Rescue Disk-pic1.jpg

    Windows 10 Recovery Tools - Bootable Rescue Disk-pic2.jpg
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    You are the third person to report this error message...
    Although, I can not duplicate.
    PENetwork is setup to Autostart.
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    Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

    Though I have not personally used Kyhi's script to modify a PE.wim, I can say it's definitely better to manually modify them. I know people prefer having things automated, but I know from my own .wim builds (PE/RE/install/boot, etc.) that doing the actual updating is best done manually or when I call the Dism.API using a C#/VBS/PShell wrapper (command 'dism' is not the same as the Dism.API, if you're wondering).
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