I upgraded to W10 (pro x64) a couple of months ago and all has been working well until the other day when the pre-installed apps (weather, groove music, calculator, calendar etc . . . all of them) stopped loading if my laptop is offline. Once I'm online they load and work just fine.
They worked offline or online up to a week ago; but now when offline they will just flash up their start window for a split second and close again.
I've tried a few online suggestions for fixing windows apps. . . . . Command line uninstall of the app and reinstall via Microsoft store. Command line system file fixes. Uninstalling the last windows update. Updating apps through the MS Store. But so far nothing works.
As I travel a lot for work I'm not always online; and don't want to be just to play a song or use the calculator.
I've googled through a lot of sites talking about problems with W10 & 8 apps not loading, there seems to be a whole range of similar issues. But so far I can't find any which specifically mention not loading when the pc is offline.
This also holds true for the one third party app which I have installed via the MS Store.

Any advice much appreciated,