Windows 10: How do I clone a HDD Windows 10 -> windows 7? Solved

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       27 Sep 2015 #11

    Thanks to all. Several options to try. I'll try macrium free first.
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  2.    28 Sep 2015 #12

    I tried installing it onto my Win 10 desktop and got a message that it wouldn't with my system??
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       29 Sep 2015 #13

    If you didn't grab the actual latest version of which program now was it? it may offer support for 10! The free trial for Acronis TI is the 2016 version that is now coming out. You can't get any newer then that. As for cloning drives that can take hours to let you know ahead of time while seeing an image created take only upwards of 34 minutes with Acronis when you have a lot on the drive! Figure another 20 minutes or so when seeing the image restored. 54 minutes compared to how long?

    The tip of the day is create an image of the old drive and store that on another drive on the newer 10 case, remove the old drive to see that reinstalled on the 7 system there again, and then simply restore the image you made onto the new target drive once that in installed on the 10 system. The first storage with all of the 7 files intact will be back on the 7 machine there while you can then sort out what to keep or toss on the new drive once that is and sees the same once the image is resstored where you can hand pick over what will have to go and what to keep.

    Here I've been working with multiple drives for a long time where I back things up as I go along and now have to only go through one folder of less then 20gb of files I had copied onto the 10 drive as I pick through older versions of VM Player and the web installer for some programs now outdated even for 7 as well as for 10! along with other downloads collecting over the years. And of course copy and paste is one constant in the pc universe for getting things done if a program doesn't! Been there enough times!
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  4.    29 Sep 2015 #14

    I got the latest version from their web site. I,m just planning on replacing my 1tb second HD D:, E:, F:, and G: with a 1tb SSD drive as soon as the prices come down a little more. I could just partition the new drive and copy everything to the respective partitions on the new drive I guess.
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       29 Sep 2015 #15

    Copy and paste operations can be time consuming since it can take a few hours for only a portion of what you have on a drive or in partitions. Here I simply bought the 2010 Home edition of Acronis True Image while in a Circuit City one night having heard a good rep on it for years ahead of 7's launch nearly 6yrs. ago and now and have it running on 10 as well as on the 7 side of the dual boot without any issues!

    For simply trying the 2016 30 day trial for Acronis you don't have to buy it at the end of the trial period but see all the features work during that 30 day period before the trial expires allowing plenty of time for you to clone if not create an image of the first drive and see that restored onto the new one. And since the 2010 version went right onto 10 I doubt you would have any problem with the updated 2016 version going on! Afterall your interest at the moment is not in keeping any program but to get everything on one drive over to the next.
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  6.    29 Sep 2015 #16

    Hi Not here to say one imaging software is better than another. I have used Macrium for years. You should use what works for you.
    Here I've mounted a image with macrium and then opened my C drive. You can see the difference. The image is a W10 image (E). The C drive is my OS with W7. I can drag and drop or copy and paste. Really a nice option!
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  7.    29 Sep 2015 #17

    Well this is embarrassing! Tried installing the same download that failed, see above, and it installed just fine. Now Samsung has to drop the price on the EVO 1TB HD and I can get one use it.
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       30 Sep 2015 #18

    Well one reason I haven't even looked at getting any SSD is you are only seeing the 1tb size models appear after all this time with the price tags equal to what you might spend putting a new build together! You could go out and buy a new 10 laptop for that much!

    As for software installs on 10? The initial upgrade here saw the same type of problem only with everything other then the pc games! Apparently something was off about the first download where going back gave you a fresh working install as a result. This happens at times where the first and even second or third downloads simply won't come through intact and you have to wait and then see results afterwards likely when the servers aren't busy or running smoother if not simply having a bad connect the first time around.

    For the main build here I initially ran with the pair of 1tb Sata II OS drives and the pair of 1tb Sata 3s were put into SCSI array to the effort of trying to boost the access time. Those were still seen as separate logical drives. The replacement drives with one of those two on the way out! and no longer in use are a pair of Western Digital 2TB 7200RPM 64MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" (Heavy Duty) Internal Hard Drive - For PC/Mac/NAS/CCTV DVR I only paid how much for? Only $65 a pop at newegg!

    I'll take it! I don't need any SSD for local storage since those do have limits on how much writing you can do with any SSD being a downside on those. For my use here I would be replacing them faster then the typical spinners. When going to upgrade the OS drives I will likely see those as Sata 3 models however since once the S3s were plugged into the Disk 0 and Disk 1 ports on the board the way Gigabyte designed the board in use here. I had the first pair of S3s set in a SCSI array to boost access time somewhat however. But the idea of the 1tb SSD would be for the host/boot OS drive since this is what people grab them for in order to boost OS not storage performance.
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