The gentleman suffered a major head trauma a few years ago and is unable to remember things or follow instructions easily

Hi, I have a friend who I built a system for a year ago and he is still struggling to use it properly. I'm looking for a really easy-to-use all-in-one media player

  • A Digital Terrestrial and HD Satellite tuner installed. So TV is a necessity and easy setup scheduled recording would be a bonus too.
  • He has a massive DVD & Blu-ray movie collection
  • He has an equally massive CD music collection that he's built up over the last 20 years or so
  • He also likes to listen to radio so a music streaming service would be good
  • It can be either a paid-for program or free. Just so long as it does what is needed
  • I can do the initial setup so it's just the usability bit that has to be easy

It really must be simple to use. Preferably with no typing involved as he cannot remember how to spell things if typing. Just click and point to 'obvious-looking-icons' type of program. Speech recognition is not an option due to slurred speech.

This guy has climbed several of the highest peaks across the world but was unfortunate to be the victim of a random attack about a decade ago. He hasn't lost his sharpness or wit, just his ability to recall things. Written instructions are no good as he won't remember he has them or where they are. If he does them find them, he won't be able to associate them with the correct button clicks etc. It really has to be simple to use 'straight out the box'.

All suggestions welcome. Thanks

Edit: I was thinking about the Media Center hack to get it working on Windows 10. But since it is unsupported, it is not a valid option as it may just stop working one day.