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  1.    12 Aug 2015 #31

    Dunno if this was a CC Cleaner problem or not..

    Here is the setup...

    I have a drive tray
    I swap C drives to use different OSs
    I also have a D drive - Internal mount
    I have NEVER had any issues doing this, until Win 10 and MAYBE CC CLeaner

    What happened? I Had Win 10 drive in the C bay D drive is internally mounted. I ran CC and cleaned the registry. A LOT of crud was there and I backed up the files and did the Fix. Then scanned again and found more and repeated the process. I shut down Win 10. Took out the C drive and inserted the Win 7 C drive and booted up and Scandisk ran and did a lot to a lot of files. Turns out the files were on the D drive. Now Win 7 boots but D drive is there but can not be accessed due to no permission. So I setup permissions and got access back. Now I eventually shut win 7 down and boot Win 10. Same deal, scandisk runs and the Win 10 boots and D drive has no access. So...dunno what the problem is but there is one. Could be a Win 10 thing, could be CC Cleaner...I'll never know for sure as I don't think I'm slick enough to figure it out.

    So I'll Reformat D drive and reformat the Win 10 drive and install Win 10 again but this time NO CC Cleaner!
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       13 Aug 2015 #32

    When you have created backup, just restore it by merging it into registry, that might fix it.
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  3.    13 Aug 2015 #33

    Right now, for the past 15 hours actually, I have Western Digital's WD Diag software doing a slow erase on the drive. The drive has passed all the other tests. I'm doing this to try to rule out a hard disk failure. When It's done, I'll format it, then restore the CC backup reg files from that day and see what happens.
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  4.    13 Aug 2015 #34

    jyusa said: View Post
    I believe that M$ will provide a auto Registry Cleaner like the way M$'s Defender doing in the near future.
    Defender does not clean the registry except for malware and other related items. It doesn't do it in the same way ccleaner does.
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  5.    13 Aug 2015 #35

    Flashorn said: View Post
    Why would you want to run a Reg cleaner on Any system.
    It's a waste of time and more importantly, it will eventually
    damage any OS and this is a fact.

    That is not a fact at all. The registry cleaning function in CCleaner is totally safe, to the point where I don't even bother backing up the changes it makes and have never had a problem. It made a big improvement in Win 10 after the upgrade by eliminating all the now invalid entries. You may not see any improvement in performance after every use of it but the cumulative effects are there. Use it on a system that has not been cleaned in years and you will notice improved boot times and app loading and performance.
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       13 Aug 2015 #36

    swarfega said: View Post
    Heres a statement I've just seen on the Piriform Forums.

    I imagine that file cleaning will be ok but don't go near registry cleaning for now.
    I can attest to that.

    In Win7 I was in the habit of blithely running the registry cleaner and clicking remove all without even looking.

    After upgrading to 10 I discovered I had a boatload of crap that was obfuscating things like Autoruns etc. So I ran CCleaner Registry Cleaner as I have been doing. It created absolute havoc. However I had taken a Restore Point shortly before I did that so no significant harm done.

    Piriform should show a warning when the program is run advising that Registry Cleaning on Win 10 should be used with abundant caution. I had a couple of other utilities do that.

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  7.    13 Aug 2015 #37

    I'm pretty sure the problem I have is NOT CC nor is it Win 10. I think, even though all the WD diag tests were passed, my drive is bad. On either 10 or 7 if I copy large files to it from the C drive it's slow! Like 9 gb of large files was estimated at over 2 hours. Same exact files to a USB 2.0 port about 6 minutes and my P4 isn't bogged down to the point of no return. I tried to open the task manager while it was copying to the bad drive and had to wait about 2-3 minutes for it to open. Using a good drive it popped right up. Yeah I know, a P4 is old, but hey it runs Win 10 I've had it since 2006 and just use it now to play on the internet....

    EDIT: I bought a new WD Hard Drive and installed it, got the same results: leaving the drive as D:, booting back and forth between Win 7 and Win 10 - Each time I return to Win 7 at bootup it wants to run scandisk. So, it wasn't CC Cleaner and it wasn't a bad hard drive. Something about Win 10 is different and I don't know what else to do. So I'm going to run a drive tray on the D: drives too. One drive for Win 7 and one for Win 10. I'm left wondering if it's a bug or by design.
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       27 Oct 2015 #38
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  9.    27 Oct 2015 #39


    All it does is call the same uninstall routine as you would from Control Panel or Settings so no reason I can see why it shouldn't work.

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       27 Oct 2015 #40

    fdegrove said: View Post

    All it does is call the same uninstall routine as you would from Control Panel or Settings so no reason I can see why it shouldn't work.

    Agreed. However, if there is a problem with the Uninstall in Programs and Features CCleaner may also have the problem which may require a brute-force measure. In such a case I haven't used a particular one but only a couple of times, not enough to verify its accuracy and stability so I don't provide a link for it.
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