Windows 10: Music folder messed up, needs admin rights

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    Music folder messed up, needs admin rights

    Hey, so I upgraded to Windows 10 and heard Groove Music plays FLAC, so I though OK cool! The old media player was hideous, but this sounds good! I was wrong... doesn't see my embedded artwork or half of the music names and info... now since I started using it, EVERYTHING in my D:/user/(name)/music folder needs administrator rights. I can't do anything unless I provide admin rights. Every other folder is fine, like pictures and documents. So iTunes doesn't work without admin rights or any audio program. I can't even make a folder anywhere in music without providing admin rights... I have learned that I'll NEVER trust Microsoft with my music. So I need help cleaning up this mess now. I've been wanting to do a fresh install but am saving up for a 2TB SSD before I do. So I need to fix it for now.
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    This sounds like the NTFS permissions of the Music folder have been screwed up.

    I have not checked that, but if the Pictures folder is inside your User folder (and next to folders like Pictures and Videos), then I would check the Properties of the Music folder and change them so that they again look exactly as the permissions of the Pictures or Videos folder do.
    That can be done in the folder properties.
    The relevant things to look at on the one hand is the folder owner. On the other hand, you need the different permissions, which are assigned to the folder, subfolder and files.
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    Hi Joergl! Thanks for the reply!
    I tried changing the security settings (different for all the libraries) and whenever I tried to change a setting it just gives errors. Forget exactly what it said, but something like (file name) could not be read, do you want to continue? I just choose exit as it keeps doing it. Any other ideas...?
    Also whenever I wake my PC from sleep it's all messed up, like menus are all black and things don't load properly, it's really weird. So I just have to have it on or off. Ever heard of a problem like that? Also whenever using full screen applications they some times randomly minimize for no reason. I've tried monitoring tasks in the task manager when it happens but there's nothing unusual.
    So my PC just has a lot of weird problems. I might just do a fresh install. Though I have a question for anyone who might know. I have done an insane amount of modding for Fallout 3 & NV, and Skyrim (some others as well like Witcher). I don't play games anymore but every few months I might start them to show a friend something and it's nice having the ultra HD graphics. Is there a way I can backup the mods? I spent a lot of time on it and with not/very-rarely playing them any more I'll never spend the time to do the insane amount of modding I've done ever again. I use Nexus mod manager.
    So I might just do a reinstall on Windows 10.
    Thanks for the help and sorry for the long message. :)
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    Sad to hear that.

    For the mods, I could imagine that it's as simple as backing up the folder with the according files in it. However, I have not tested that and it might be different from game to game. You should ask that in a forum, where you also find other modders - they will surely know!
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    To fix your user music file permissions you can do the following:
    1. Open an admin prompt and cd to your user folder (cd /users/xxx)
    2. Enter "icacls Music /reset /t /q"
    This will reset your permissions back to the user defaults
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    Thanks for the help guys! I'll go ask some people in a modding forum about backing up my mods, if I can't then I'll just reinstall anyway. I started thinking about how many problems my PC has last night (not big ones but enough small ones to be annoying at times) and decided it would probably just be a good idea to do a fresh install.

    One last question I never thought I would ask on a Windows forum. Does anyone know of a good forum for Mac/Apple computers? I am a music artist and I'm looking at doing a huge upgrade on all my equipment. To make a long story short, when it comes to the music industry Apple has the best computers for the job, and the best hardware and software is almost all Mac/Apple exclusive.
    I'm not leaving Windows! I just need a Mac for my music production and am not sure of a good forum to ask some Mac/Apple related questions.

    Thanks guys! I really appreciate the help! :)
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  7.    17 Feb 2017 #7

    wilkster said: View Post
    To fix your user music file permissions you can do the following:
    1. Open an admin prompt and cd to your user folder (cd /users/xxx)
    2. Enter "icacls Music /reset /t /q"
    This will reset your permissions back to the user defaults
    Sorry this does not work, if you have folders within your Music folder. I have tried and it takes too long to change them all.
    Changing the ownership works better. In the Command Prompt (admin), change into the user folder or the location of the Music folder (for me it was G: <- this is not my system folder). And then using the following command:
    • takeown /f <foldername> /r /d y
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