I have 3 computers that I frequently use, and I keep all my documents under OneDrive. Recently I decided to get serious about cleaning up disk space, so I reorganized many of my document folders. I renamed several, I moved some underneath others, I deleted some, but I wasn't super thorough. I did not verify whether the changes were proliferated to the other two computers because I just assumed that it would work. Recently I upgraded these computers to Windows 10, and starting a more thorough cleanup of my documents folder. This time I used a dupe finder program to identify duplicates. That's when I realized that many of the folders I had renamed previously were now in my documents folder twice, and the ones I deleted were back! Being a little slow, I spent a few hours cleaning it all up real nice and thorough again. I moved to my second computer and verified that the changes were proliferated, and this time they were. Yay! This morning, I logged into the 3rd computer, and OneDrive uploaded all of the old files and folders and put them back into my new clean file structure! I am now apoplectic!

Is my OneDrive installation broken? or is this normal, expected behavior for OneDrive. I am afraid to trust it now. Syncing is not just about keeping copies of files, it is about keeping your file organization. BTW, I always use file explorer directly to deal with my files.