First I want to say I'm sorry if this is not the right place to post this, I wasn't sure about it, if not the case, then move it to a proper sub-forum.
Second, I apologize for the next image being in Spanish, it's my main language.

Ok, to summarize my problem, every time I want to upload a image to say Facebook or Imgur (for sharing) I usually check with a Quick Preview (in the context menu) to see if it is the right picture. Now, when I do that, Windows asks me to select a program to open with. I use Picasa 3 for that, so naturally I pick it and then I click the checkbox to save it. The thing is that doesn't save and every time I check again it asks me again what program I'd like to use. It's really annoying, is there a fix for it? Also, Picasa 3 is set as the default picture viewer.

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I'm yet to find a tutorial about this. If someone else have the same problem, please comment and share your ideas on it.

PS: I apologize for any mistake when writing this.