I have like over 200 (and counting) files where I need to change the file type. One at a time, forget about it.

So I tried various "powerful" file renamers. All of them were complicated and none of them did the job, but they did screw up the file type and wasted a lot of time. (I did backups).

So a PC Mag article suggested Microsoft Power Toys. My initial thought was, "Ha, still not at version 1 and I still remember when a Power Tools directory sync program screwed up." But after about 4 of these "advanced" tools bollixed things up, I tried the Power Toys version.

Simple and effective. It doesn't try to read IPTC data to rename your photos, insert dates, or whatever. All it does is replace an old string with a new string, for file name or file type. Which is all I ever wanted. And it reads sub-directories, if you want it. Just select your files, right-click to select Power Renamer, and...

that's all you have to do. Fast and simple.

Win 10 Pro 64, 2H22