Dell SupportAssist not working

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    Dell SupportAssist not working


    I have a Dell Inspiron Windows 10 computer. When I try to run Dell Support Assist, I get an error message that says:
    This is taking longer than expected, restart your computer and try again. Well, I have restarted my computer several times, but I keep getting the same error message. I have also gone to app settings on Support Assist, and clicked on Terminate, Repair, and Reset, but it still doesn't work. Is there a way that I can fix this?

    Also, is there an app out there, that is as good as, or better than, Support Assist?

    Thank you.

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    If you do a search for Dell SupportAssist here on TenForums (or anywhere, for that matter) then it will probably become apparent that the app is not well thought of... and often causes more issues than it fixes.

    What exactly are you trying to get support for?
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    Thank you for the reply RickC.

    I basically turn to Assist when my computer really slows down, and I want to speed it up.
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    The thing is, Dell's SupportAssist app is itself well-known for actually causing problems 'cos of its CPU load from startup.

    Easy check? Uninstall it or stop it from running automatically from startup.

    If you later think you need it, re-install it from the Dell support website for your model using the Dell Service Tag for your device.

    Hope this helps... .
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    Dell Support Assist is the work of the devil. It was the reason my friend's laptop kept having BSODs and it was hard to remove all traces of it. Install it at your peril.
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    Thank you for the warnings, I am definitely listening.

    I do have another question.

    I tried to start Support Assist again, and I got a warning from Microsoft that said: This app can't open, check with the Microsoft store. Why did I get this message?

    Thank you.

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    Like iTunes, Microsoft is trying to make its Store the first point for downloads/installs for everything, including Dell SupportAssist.

    IMO there's two huge downsides to that.

    One is that, despite them supposedly being the same, I've seen many, many more issues with the Store-based UWP apps than the standalone installers.

    Two is that it encourages always-on background updating, with little error-checking since MS got rid of its QA teams, so if it turns out to be buggy... you've already got it.

    Personally, I would never use a Microsoft Store app is there's a standalone installer available as an alternative. But that's just me. YMMV.

    Dell SupportAssist has a third strike against it. Google it and you'll find more people saying it's the cause of problems than saying it helped fixed problems. But don't just believe me... do your own research.

    I run multiple devices at home. They're now all Dell (business) devices. Not one of them has Dell SupportAssist installed. Draw your own conclusions. :)
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    Thank you for the feedback Rick.
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    cinque8 said:
    Thank you for the feedback Rick.
    You are very welcome. Just be aware that others may disagree with my dislike of UWP app 'experiences'. Many others apparently have had no issues. I can only speak from my own experience.
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    Download RevoUninstaller to rid yourself of this meddlesome beast

    Run Revo
    Select the program (Dell Support Assistant)
    Uninstall (don't worry about creating a restore point if prompted. Waste of time)
    Remove everything (tick all/every box)
    Do not reboot even if prompted
    Select the Advanced option and run REvo to remove all leftover files, folders and registry entries
    Remove everything (tick all/every box)
    Restart your computer

    If you're ever attempted to use this abomination, it probably can be downloaded from the Dell website.

    (Note And it's not just Dell. So called proprietary user assistance software (bloatware) (Asus, Acer, HP, Toshiba, etc) are renown resource hoggers and should be removed. Ideally, it's my practice to image a new computer (in case of return) and do a clean install. Wipes all proprietary bloatware, commercial demoware (like antimalware programs, games, etc)
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