ihave 21h2 19044 version

ok i had to do a reset on my pcs a couple week ago and i seemed to have lost the google calendar. i do not see it in the app tab in the google hamburg menu. i did a few YT videos and they do not seem to help. for one i can't seem to get the google page to show all i get is install chrome and i have and use chrome, but i do not have the calendar. i want the same calendar that i have on y phone so then when i add data on either device i get it on the other devices.

i have tried the microsoft calendar and i wants to link them but then they just do not work, so adding the google calendar is the one that seems to work for me.

so how do i get this calendar to show? i would like to get it to be in the menu and on the launch bar at the bottom not in a tab as then i may delete it and have to find it again. beside if it is in the menu or on the desktop i can get it on the launch bar and pin it.


- - - Updated - - -

ok i managed to get it on the desktop and in the menu but what i really would like is to get it on the launch bar and pin it there so that i do not have to minimize the browser to get it off the desktop or go to them menu and find it there and launch it.