Advice on ccleaner and avast

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    Advice on ccleaner and avast

    Hi all,
    I just replaced a faulty GPU in my second comp which was acting up. While talking to the techy at the shop he suggested ccleaner, avast and malwarebytes make him money with the computer problems they cause people and then bring to him to fix.
    This bloke's a good guy and is not the type to push an agenda for any reason so it got me thinking. I've used Ccleaner, Avast and Malwarebytes for yonks and yes, I've had my fair share of hiccups along the way but more because of my lack of nous rather than any program..........or is he right? My questions for the knowledge base here which I respect are:
    Is Microsoft Security Essentials enough and should I delete avast? What are the thoughts on ccleaner and malwarebytes?
    I try and use free programs and my comp use doesn't stretch to the moon and back, pretty basic, but I'd appreciate some opinions as to yes, no or whatever.
    ta guys
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    I use CCleaner [originally known as CrapCleaner when I start with it] but only the portable version, never the installed. As with any program that writes to or rewrites the Registry, any misstep will cause reinstall of Windows. My Win10 and Win11 are running Windows Security.
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    Defender is fine.

    Ccleaner is just not needed.
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    I agree with cereberus, Ccleaner is not needed, if you feel like you want to run it, fine but no use keeping a program you really do not need. Same as with Malwarebytes, i run it occasionally along with Adware (which you didn't mention) but just for cleaning then i remove them ! MS Defender has never let me down yet, that is about all i use & all my clients ! Everyone will have some difference in opinions !
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    Neither is needed.
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    I use CCleaner pro for home. I run it maybe once or twice a month.... or sometimes once in a few months when I forget about cleaning the computer... (not really a lot of space to save).

    I run it using the Custom Scan. I don't want it touching Google Chrome's temp files, and a few more other items.

    I can free up ~300 MB, which isn't really much. That much junk files don't bother me.

    And using those settings have never messed up anything in my computer's settings.

    Advice on ccleaner and avast-ccleaner-1.png

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    Take the advice of the majority here and the PC tech you talked to and ditch that crap. If you need that "warm and fuzzy" felling you get with anti-virus software, then Defender is all you need in this day and age of over bloated anti-virus that not only robs your privacy, but can and will muck up your computer. If you want a really cool (but slow as hell) virus scanner, check out ClamWin. I don't even use an anti-virus software anymore, not even Defender. I just have a habit to scan (actually check the SHA256 hash) each and every single download at VirusTotal. Sometimes I'll do this for images as well. I've said this ad nauseam on the seven forum and I'll say it again. The general consensus is four hits at VirusTotal and you toss, but it largely depends on what you have there and your ability to read (if included) the posted Relations and Behaviors. Don't rely on the community BS input there at VirusTotal though. Use that as an overall felling about the download you scanned.

    In addition to scanning each and every single download at VirusTotal, check out the now free Sandboxie at Github. I use the classic version. Didn't care for the "new and improved" version. You run your browser/s in Sandboxie (a sandboxed environment) and when you do it's a good bet any funny business you come across on the Internet via your browser won't jump the sandboxed environment. But it requires you to read and know how to configure Sandboxie. This is kinda like just browsing the Internet in a virtual machine using VMware Workstation Player or what ever reputable and secure virtual machine software you chose. It's important to note however that if you allow copy/paste operations from the guest to the host environment, that could be a vector for host infection if malware jumps the hypervisor in that environment via the copy/paste routine. In VMware it's called VMware Tools that allows this. So in order to transfer files from the host to the guest and vice versa you run a local FTP server with the free community edition of Serva FTP software and the WinSCP FTP client ( I don't care for Filezilla for reasons I'll omit here for the sake of being concise). You also want to block Ads with uBlock Origin or what ever. It sucks for those depending on Ads as a source of revenue, but malvertising is a real and present danger.

    This may all sound like a massive pain in the ass and above your pay grade, but it really isn't. Once you do this you'll realize anti-virus software is a thing of the past with today's other mitigation strategies. Above all else, full HDD clones, data backups and common sense goes a long way...

    Lets not forget that you could run Linux in your VM which most viruses are NOT coded for....
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    Thanks for the input fellers, a lot of food for thought. As this is the spare comp used by others for basic point and click games, some word files, pics and a bit of web surfing, I've deleted Avast, Ccleaner and MBAM and will see how it goes. If it seems to run OK and no problems pop up, I may do the same on my main comp.
    Thanks again,
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    Personally I use the portable version that Berton mentioned. That way, if I want to use it sometimes, I can use it without it being installed on my machine. Your choice.
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