Can't do Safe Boot (options 4 & 5) to set msconfig back to normal startup. I get a message saying that the Administrator file is no good. I have had to reinstall Windows 10 four times (!) already. Help!!!

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Hello GregH,

I did a format on hdd and did a clean install of win 10x64 home,

I posted a message for LFSVC service (geolocation service) not working if i used msconfig.

The solution is to boot into Safe mode.

1: Hold shift while in start menu, and press restart.
The win re environment will load.

2: select parameters

3: computer reboot, select option 4 or 5 to choose safe mode.

4: In safe mode, right clic on start menu, and run administrator command prompt.

5: wright "msconfig " without " and " then press enter

6: in ms config, select normal boot, and check it activate all services in services menu.

7: leave ms config and click restart on the box that appear.

8: enjoy, Geoloc is working again, and if trying to run the service manually, it won't complain again about missing file.

ps i had the same problem playing with msconfig settings when i did a in place upgrade of win 7.

There is something that need to be fixed with msconfig or geoloc service, by microsoft maybe ?