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I have three computers with newly updated to Windows 10 on them. Two of them had no problem getting the free app called “The Weather Channel”. But on my desktop I cannot get THE WEATHER CHANNEL.

The problem:

When I go to the store I find the Weather Channel and it is free except I run into this problem every time I try to get the free app:

  1. I click on free and I get a window that indicates there is a old email account that is not active, but they ask for a password. I put in what I believe is the password and I get a memo saying they need a code which I don’t have and then it asks for my phone #. I get a red memo saying invalid email address. Then they give me another old email address which is also invalid and so they say I need to click “next” to answer a bunch of questions about me and the content of recent emails and other email addresses that I have used recently so that they can verify me..I never receive a code on any of my email accounts or by phone. They say they need 24 hours to verify me. After several tries thy send me this email:

“Your account is verified and now you just need to reset your password
Right on! The information you submitted for jh***** has been verified.

Click this link to reset your password:
After you reset your password, we highly recommend that you update your security information to help keep your account more secure. Adding a phone number, an alternate email address, or a trusted PC will help you get back into your account if you ever lose access to it in the future.

Go to to sign into your account and manage your security information.

The Microsoft account team”

I reset the password and tried to get The Weather Channel and it did not work. It took me back to the same process.

And anyway why can I get The Weather Channel in my other two computers without any hassle like above.

I went to a remote web assistance and they said I needed a clean install. Actually I already did a clean install on my desktop account recently. The erroneous email accounts are old and dated about the same time (2007) as I first installed the Windows 7 desktop account which is the same account that was updated to Windows 10 .