Callender said:
FYI. As a test i installed that extension in Firefox. It did not create it's own bookmark, I uninstalled the extension and it left no trace.
I'm happy for you. I can't seem to get rid of the blasted thing.

It has never been a protected site, in fact I've created a rule to block the site. The bookmark just won't leave the Secure Browser., it doesn't appear in the browser I'm using now (Brave), it doesn't appear when I run FF in a regular type window, just in FF and the ESET Secure Browser.

The reason I'm trying to get rid of it, twofold, one I don't like things that are useless (I like my PC as it is), AND this is ONLY happening in my Secure Browser.

I have contacted ESET, and am trying to negotiate a suitable time for them to call.