Has anyone found the secret to getting the Your Phone - Link to Windows App working correctly?
Looking at the number of posts in other forums saying they have problems there is clearly a major issue with this App. It's a pity because it used to work quite well before recent Windows updates.
Basically my phone (Samsung A515) will connect to Your Phone on my PC and I can see the headers of Notifications on my PC. If I try to read Messages or access Photos or open Desktop Apps it says I need permissions and asks me to click on a link to send a permission request to my phone. It never arrives. I don't see any permission request. Also it doesn't say what permissions are missing nor how to enable them.
The response from MS is always to ensure that your phone and PC Apps are at the latest version (they are). I suspect there is a major bug in this App, yet others seem to suggest that it does work. Hopelessly confused.
Winver: 21H1 19043 1237.