Have an old personal information manager from xp days. It has run on all windows through 8.1 much to my surprise since it first ran in xp days.

Updated to 10 on four machines, truesync ran on all of them. However last day or two it will not open in win 10.

In the past we have had problems with it opening in 8.1 but if we closed outlook and skype it would open right up. In 10 it was the same way, however today it would not open at all - tried all sorts of compatibility - ran troubleshooter.

Finally rebooted and tried it, would not open, closed skype and truesync open immediately.

Any thoughts on what might be interfering or remedies would be appreciated.

Could get something else but truesync is a program that does the job easily and quickly and all of the new pims I've tried have drawbacks.