News and Interests not showing weather on taskbar

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    News and Interests not showing weather on taskbar

    When I display N&I i don't get the weather icon. I get the icon shown below. Clicking on this icon does bring up some feeds but the weather is not one of them. Is there something else I need to do to get the weather icon? I think when N&I first became available the weather icon was there. Perhaps something I changed in Windows is now preventing it from showing.

    News and Interests not showing weather on taskbar-ni.png
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    Hello, @streetwolf,

    I'm not sure what is causing the issue for you. But since this has gone unanswered, I thought I would respond, at least.

    It is displaying correctly for me. And all I can do is tell you how I have mine set. (Below)

    News and Interest > (Check) Icon and Text.

    At any rate, I wish you well. And hopefully, someone can offer you a solution.
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    Thanks for the kind words. FWIW I get the weather on a vanilla version of 21H1 running on a VM. I wonder if the weather feature is dependent on other options. Perhaps the indexed search facility which I have disabled or some other option I have disabled.
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    I got the icon you have [on one computer only] when N&I appeared this morning after completing KB5003637 CU.
    - I turned N&I off but now, when reinstating it to be able to comment here, only the standard sun icon appears.
    - No other changes have been made between the two occasions.

    Other threads have also reported inconsistencies in N&I behaviour.
    - So perhaps you have no caused it by setting a particular option elsewhere.
    - Perhaps it is just a poorly written application.

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    In my case I initially got that icon which a couple of minutes later turned into the sun. I wondered whether there was initially some internet issue. It's been ok ever since so I don't really know what to say.
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    Have you tried "Manage Interests" pen icon (in the "News & Interest" mini display) and then when it opens Edge, go to "Experience Settings" and then enable "Weather" there? I just did that and got the "Sun" icon and then the "News & Interest" showed the local weather. Normally I don't use the "News & Interest" feature.
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    Perhaps your location can't be detected, e.g. because you've disabled location detection at Settings, Privacy, Location?

    Try specifying a particular location instead (Step 1, 2 and 5):

    How to Change Weather Location for News and Interests in Windows 10
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    I use Bitdefender Internet Security (AV and Firewall).

    On the New & Interests popup page, any time you try and change anything it wants to work through... EDGE browser.
    So on my system, since I have EDGE blocked in my Firewall, I can't really change any settings on the News & Interests page.

    The reason I am posting for those that get the weird icon... maybe you have EDGE blocked in some firewall?

    For example...

    When I open the news & Interests page, and click on "See full forecast" under the weather ... tile?... if I don't allow EDGE through the firewall...I can't see the "full forecast".

    I don't know if this has anything to do with what the icon looks like or not. I just thought to mention it.
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    Hello @streetwolf,

    I solved this exact issue on my PC by fixing the location. The widget isn't smart enough to recognize my precise location, but it works with the nearest large city (10 miles away). The widget was working OK before and then a couple of days ago started just showing the icon you show.

    News and Interests not showing weather on taskbar-screenshot-2021-07-19-081832.jpg

    Open the widget, click the three dots in the weather area and select Edit and Specify Location. Re-enter your location. If it still doesn't work, try a larger city nearby.

    I find the weather icon in the tray useful, but the news feed is sometimes goofy and too slanted for my taste. If we could have just weather only, that would be nice.
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