Windows 10 and Office 365 seem to not like each other in one respect important to me.

I have had DestopAlerts TimeOn set in regedit since the beginning of my Office 365 on Windows 10. Several day ago, for some reason, an Alert doesn't show up at all when a new email is received. The TimeOn REG_DWORD is set to 0xffff47(4294964295). When opened in Safe mode, the Alert appears just fine.

I have had 2 online chats over 1 hour each with MS Office 365 on line support, posted the problem to Office-Microsoft Answers but have not been able to solve the problem. One of the chats resulted in reinstalling Office 365 to no avail. I feel I have exhausted Microsoft avenues for help so I am turning to this forum for help. If I have violated some tenet of the forum I sincerely apologize but I am completely frustrated.

If anyone out there can shed light on this problem it will be appreciated. (Pardon the passive voice.)

Thank you.