Hi folks

I've a huge TV archive including a lot of older TV series from about 1959 onwards (some of those early TV series put modern boring Celeb stuff and "Reality Shows" --sorry in today's Woke Orwellian new speak culture you have to call them now "Observational Documentaries" -- to shame !!) but I'd like to get subtitling for them. As for modern Quiz shows --how much more down market can you get. !!!

I can play via VLC or whatever but is there any editing stuff that can capture dialog, convert to text and give the time offsets so I could then create subtitles. I don't care if it's done in "Real Time". Once I've got a base text file with time offsets then subtitles can be easily created (and translated into any language I want !!).

I've been showing a few really early but beautifully produced "Lone Ranger" episodes in B&W from around 1959 - 1960 to some kids and they've really enjoyed those !!

Create subtitles from  Audio in playback-screenshot_20210421_145355.png

Also some of the original 5 series of The Twilight Zone (also from around 1959) but I've zillions of TV stuff from around 1959 up to current day that I'd love to get subtitled. Subtitling from around early 1980's is usually "findable" but early TV not normally available - even on some of those specialist subtitling sites.

Create subtitles from  Audio in playback-screenshot_20210421_145641.png

One series I'd love to subtitle is "The Invaders" -- brilliant 2 series with Roy Thinnes -- modern Sci Fi doesn't seem to cut it - if there's a smidgen of it doing OK then its axed too !!!!.

Paid Software suggestions are OK as well -- I've a load of decent pro level studio gear BTW.