dalchina said:
Apps are routinely updated in the background.
Mine's 4.46.30621.0

If you set the default location to yours, what is it that you are seeing that's doesn't match? Is the forecast wrong? Or is the name of the place displayed incorrect?

Perhaps forecasts are only given for certain named areas, so yours defaults to the nearest. I could imagine that happening in areas of low population density.
The tile in the Start menu shows the wrong location. Once I click the tile to open the app both the location and the forecast are shown correctly.

I live in the Houston metro area; an area of over 7 million people. So I'm not out in the sticks.

Bree said:
Via the Microsoft Store. If you have the store set for automatic updates, then it should happen on its own...
I have the store set for automatic updates. Yet oddly, their were many updates available. Nevertheless, even after updating the "problem" persists.

TairikuOkami said:
You are using a shared IP pool and your location is based on the public IP of your WiFi.

You can check, what is location being detected as at My IP Address

P.S. Weather forecast if based on the nearest weather station, which does not have to be nearby.
I have my own private internet connection..

Perhaps there is a weather station in the nearby enclave I mentioned?

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Does anyone have anything further to add?