OK I've got a small but annoying behavior with latest AMD Graphic driver with my 2 screen setup using remote desktop for work. When I connect to RDP, I'm full screen with the 2 screens. Whenever I get out (Ctrl+Alt+Home) without reducing the window, I place it on my second screen (at the right). The out of full screen window normally stay in the second screen, but if I repeat the operation, the window moves down a bit each time and eventually moves completely to my main left screen where I have all my stuff to look on my home computer. I know it's just a small annoying behavior but I'm tired of it, I loose time moving the window back to the second screen. This was not happening at all with a 3 years old AMD driver. This behavior is the same for 2 of my computers here, so it's not just an issue with my computer. Anybody have the same setup as me ?