Hello i got a small problem with the rainmeter application,

to be short it detect with "HWiNFO64" and the "HWiNFO shared memory viewer.exe" all infos used for my processor gadget but when it comes to the GPU gadget... it says that "HWiNFO" is not detected all settings into the HWiNFO.inc from the gadget got all the good sensor ID and instance ID and value got the correct identification number... it was working good before i had to reinstall my operating system, the GPU gadget was working... now it's not. I'm using a seperate hard drives for "My Documents" folder... all config in windows are pointing the right system folder no matter which drives they been moved... Also i got in my notification zone the program HWiNFO64 runnings with sensors on in the background... question is "WHY it works for my processor but not working with the DAMN GPU???" anyone got a way to help me fix this please...

sorry i'm from québec,canada and i'm french so windows infos are in french...

Édition Windows*10 Professionnel
Version 20H2
Date d'installation ‎2021-‎02-‎10
Version du système d’exploitation 19042.804
Expérience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0

Rainmeter application is v4.4 beta r3412 and gadgets are from SilverAzide v5.1.0

Screenshot of my gadget zone on my secondary monitor
Rainmeter GPU Gadget small problem...HWiNFO not detected!!!-rainmeter01.png

PS. don't mind the processor usage i'm converting movies lmao...

- - - Updated - - -

okay i did a clean reinstallation of rainmeter and the problem fixed itself, to be honest i don't know why i didn't think about doing that at all on the first place... sometimes much easier for me to just reinstall things... maybe a config has been messed with... dunno... but problem solved so i will close my own thread... lol