If I open PowerShell from the Start Menu (or pinned app), it opens with font size 14 and Consolas... if I open it from Shift+right-click on a folder (or while in a folder), it opens with font size 16 and Lucida Console. Changing these settings stays with them. I don't know why they're different... it's the same app, right?!

Two different PowerShell font settings...-two-different-fonts.png

I notice at the top of the Properties box, the "paths" are different... the one opened from Start or Taskbar says "Windows PowerShell", and the one opened from the folder says "C:\Windows\System32\WIndowsPowerShell\v1.0\PowerS...". The other Properties tabs don't tell me exactly which file is being used.

Can somebody enlighten me on why they're different and if it's possible or a good idea to try to make them the same?! I don't think I need or want two different PowerShell apps on my Windows, and I want the one from right-click to be the same as the one from Start Menu. I'm so confused.