Hoping one of you can help.

I have this really old mixing 32-bit audio mixing software called Mixmeister Pro 5 I've had since 2005 or so. For some reason since I've upgraded to Windows 10, whenever I make an adjustment to a mix it freezes (not responding) almost exactly 6 seconds and it's very annoying.

The one and only clue I have is that it doesn't have this problem while in Safe Mode.

So in order to troubleshoot by process of elimination I have tried the following separately:
  1. Enable low resolution
  2. Turn off all visual effects in Performance tab
  3. Disable all startup items
  4. MSConfig - Diagnostic startup (Load basic devices and services only)
  5. Disable video driver
  6. For kicks..I even tried Disable sound driver

But None of these work! I don't understand why does safe mode work? Am I missing something?