Hi folks

I posted this ages ago ( I think nearly a year ago) but with a lot more people watching TV these days and with some of the modern dialog becoming increasingly "muffled" and poorly mixed I think subtitles are now more useful than ever.

I'm re-posting this topic in case newer members of the Forums might find this of use -- also with a load of foreign content available subtitles can be useful for learning languages etc etc.

I find this one is brilliant --free of course !!

Translate Subtitles FREE online Subtitles Translator

To use - get the appropriate subtitle (can be in any language) - and then simply click on the link - it will ask you to load the .srt file and translate to your chosen language.

(If you haven't got a subtitle in the first place then sites like opensubtitles.org will usually have at least a load in English or other main European languages - download that and then translate to target language).

Note - if you have apps like KODI installed on things like firesticks, tablets etc then KODI can dynamically get subtitles once you start viewing the content -- simply enable subtitles and download -- ensure the subtitle plugin is enabled in KODI -- choose your own subtitle site(s) --- opensubtitles.org and addic7ed are two good ones - loads of others as well.