I downloaded the universal Skype application. I did not download the one from the appstore because I can't customize the size of the window as freely. I have two monitors and have recently upgraded to Windows 10. I am using the latest update of Skype (I believe it's 7.7). When I have a video call running, the video is smooth when I am on the Skype window. Since I have two monitors, I fullscreen the video chat on one monitor. Once I click out of Skype onto my other monitor, the video lags and is all stuttery even though it's still technically fullscreen on my other monitor. It doesn't lag when I click back into Skype. I don't want it to limit fps when I'm "tabbed out" because I still want to be able to see it. It didn't used to do this. Nothing else lags. The mini window does not lag. What do I do?