How to use PEBakery to create Windows PE.

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    great, now make sure that the PEBakeryCompat.ini is configured for the project you have elected to use ie Win10XPE in your case - by editing it to show
    you will find it in the ...\Projects\Win10XPE folder
    Finally, bug the 'Select the Windows Source folder' button and point to the mounted Win10 iso or extracted ISO folder and you should be good to go
    How to use PEBakery to create Windows PE.-initial.jpg
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    This should be inside your D:\Win10XPE folder:
    Support Win10XPE dev.url
    Win10XPE - How To Quick Start Guide.pdf
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    atari800xl said:
    This should be inside your D:\Win10XPE folder:
    How to use PEBakery to create Windows PE.-win10xpe.jpg
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    How to use PEBakery to create Windows PE.-no-pppoe.jpg

    Am I right in thinking that it does not support PPPoE connection? I have a Chinese version of Windows PE that supports PPPoE connection.
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    Are you glad it's working?
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    Does "it" refer to my Chinese WinPE?
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    You are funny...

    I thought the topic was "How to use PEBakery", so I guess you got it working now?
    Why not try to make a simple test build and tell us how it goes, so when people try to search this forum on the same issue, they can maybe get some helpful tips?
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    I don't use PPP0E, but I know Kyhi created one, would normally be placed in the ...Projects\MoPlugins\apps\components dir.

    actually I've just noticed it's included in the Mega Optional Apps Download you showed in the 'XPE MoPlugins Add-On package' you have checked maybe later version than the one I attached

    but Atari800xl is right, these queries should be directed to Kyhi's Win10XPE - Build Your Own Rescue Media thread
    where he can answer with more authority on the subject

    - - - Updated - - -

    An excellent feature in PEBakery is the auto syntax checking - after adding your scriptfile (even before running script) you get either a cross or a tick, adjacent to the file title, if it shows a cross, when you bug on it, it will display the error codes, as shown in example below
    How to use PEBakery to create Windows PE.-zxc.jpg

    2 syntax error detected at [Win10XPE\Apps\MultiMedia\XnView-win-full_XPE.Script]
    [1/2] Invalid RegWrite Syntax (RegWrite,HKCU,0x1,Tmp_Software\Classes\.bmp,SendTo,XnView.bmp,"#$q%PE_Programs%\%ProgramFolder%\%ProgramExe%#$q#$s#$q#$p1#$q") (Line 171)
    [2/2] Cannot parse section [Create_CMD_config] : [Begin] must be matched with [End] (If,Not,ExistFile,%cmd_config%,Begin) (Line 201)
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    A Replacement is a hard concept to understand - thus PPoE is an Optional Win10XPE Application
    His reference to "Chinese WinPE" is Slore's WimBuilder2

    As there is an Option in Win10XPE "Additions" to "Run This Script After" where he could point to "\Win10XPE\Projects\Win10XPE\Features\Ime_Common.Script" and Get Chinese Language Support

    As the Option is not available as a Build Core User Default Selection, due to our lack of ability to support the language.... Yet, none the less, it is there to support for our Chinese Friends..
    Last edited by Kyhi; 21 Jul 2020 at 11:28.
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    I have abandoned PEBakery, which is too difficult for an idiot like me to use. I would stick with WimBuilder2, which is intended for the Chinese.
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