Photo App Crashes

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    Of course, no problem. Thanks.

    I will add one last thing. When I reinstalled the app from the store, I noticed it said restoring user info or data or something similar. I don't think the fast boot will fix this. I think this is a log in problem. But I have many issues with W10 so i will add this to the mix.
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    Gator5000e said:
    Also, when I go back into the Store to reinstall the app, it says Owned under it, so i am wondering if it's somehow tied to my account and reinstalling the same problematic app? In the sample screen shot, the app has the name of the account owner in the lower left hand screen. Mine says log in, as I said. So maybe there is a connection there.

    I would like to hear if you have the log in link in the bottom left hand corner of the screen when the app opens up. And did you have to log in when it first opened? Or was it already logged in to your account?

    I will add one last thing. When I reinstalled the app from the store, I noticed it said restoring user info or data or something similar. I don't think the fast boot will fix this. I think this is a log in problem. But I have many issues with W10 so i will add this to the mix.

    Anyway, thanks for all your suggestions.
    I do have a login logo verifying that I'm logged into my MS account. But when I reinstalled, the first thing it did was ask me to log in, so I think you're on the right track since you got a restoring user data message when you reinstalled.

    When I deleted the photo app, I followed the instructions here: Apps - Uninstall in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums, and under the section: "3. To Remove a Built-in Windows 10 App from Current Account" there's a string to paste into the powershell.exe command line for the photo app: Get-AppxPackage *photos* | Remove-AppxPackage. I pasted it in, hit enter, and got the message that it was successful. I then rebooted, reinstalled the Photo app from the store (it did not say I already owned it), started it, and it prompted me to sign in. I did, it started loading up my photos, and seems to be working as it's designed to do.

    Thinking you might have pasted the wrong string into the powershell? The one I copy/pasted is supposed to "remove a built-in app from the current account", which it apparently did since it prompted me to sign in when I reinstalled. I also suspect that if you haven't disabled the fast startup, it could just be reloading your old information when it boots instead of dumping and refreshing.

    Honestly, I'm as much in the dark about the arcane details of how win 10 works as anyone...hope some of these suggestions help. If not, I'm pretty much out of ideas.

    If you get it working, please post back and let me and everyone know, OK?
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    Larry, thank you for your suggestions. I found this thread in one of the Microsoft Communities where a MS engineer admits there is a serious issue and that MS is working on this. The last acknowledgment by this engineer was on August 25. Nothing posted since. Here is the thread. If I'm not allowed to post it, please take it down.

    I still think my issue has something to do with logging into my account. The app opens for a second or two than crashes. The line near the bottom says Sign In. It doesn't stay open long enough to allow that, although I suspect it should be signed in when I open the app. Anyway, I guess I will wait to see if MS can solve this issue. Again, thanks for all your help.
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    Yeah's also my feeling that it's a sign-in issue. My photo app was working perfectly until I tried to sign in. The first two tries it didn't accept my Microsoft id and password (which other MS services accept just fine). Then it gave me a choice of a one-time sign-in to the app, which I tried, and it immediately crashed. When I finally uninstalled and reinstalled the first thing it did was prompt me to sign in, which I did, it accepted it just fine, and is now working again. But the live tile feature has yet to appear again, which I kinda miss. Windows: it can make grown men weep.
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    Windows 10

    Larry, thank you. Ah, the growing pains of a new OS. Love it....not.
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    Whoa! My Photo app live tile just magically re-appeared! I have absolutely no idea why. This is one seriously quirky app.
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    Windows 10

    Just saw this. Congratulations!! Almost like having a kid. Ha! Seriously, glad it's working for you.
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    Win 10

    Fix Photo App to launch and view, Editing will still crash the app

    Computer is running Windows 10, upgrade from Windows 7. Photos App had been working but has been crashing right after launching now.

    app version:
    Microsoft Photos 16.1118.10000.0

    This was a quick fix that worked for this computer.

    1.Check to make sure Updates and Maintenance are current.

    Control Panel\System and Security\Security and Maintenance
    Expand the Maintenance section and "Start maintenance"
    Photo App Crashes-2016_12_23_17_17_432.png

    This is the "hard" part, it's kind of like playing wack-a-mole, you may have to try a few times to get it before the app crashes. Right after opening the Photo App, click on the three dots on the top right (the "see more") then select and click on "Settings"
    Photo App Crashes-2016_12_23_17_14_211.png Photo App Crashes-2016_12_23_17_35_313.png

    Turn Off "Automatically enhance my photos"
    Photo App Crashes-2016_12_23_17_56_511.png

    Once this was off, Photo App will no longer crash on load :) You can now view and update your photo collection.

    **The App will still crash when you go to "Edit" a photo**

    I'll see if I can find out why the enhancement previews are crashing on launch and in the Edit mode. I will update this post if I find a fix.

    This PC is running a nvidia GTX 970. I updated to the latest driver, 376.33 released on 12/15/16 (just a few days ago) and restarted the Computer. Now the Windows Photo App is playing nicely, no more crashes for enhancement previews, or in edit mode. It seems there was an update to the App that didn't play nice with the last driver, and the next driver version corrected it.
    Last edited by Blargblarg; 23 Dec 2016 at 21:50. Reason: Solved Edit crash
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    Windows 10

    I just joined to let everyone know the issue I was having and what I did to fix it. If I edited a photo from the Photo App it would launch the editor, but the photo was just one big solid color. All the enhancements would work, but you would have no clue how it affected the photo. If I clicked on "Crop and Rotate" it would crash. I had "Custom Scaling" under "Display Settings" turned on. After I turned it off the Editor worked perfectly..........
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