Is it me, Skype, or a W10 issue?

I have tried every which way from Sunday to download my contacts, with the idea of cleaning out all that are no longer necessary, then reloading those that remain.

No stated approach seems to make this possible.

This proved a fools-mission:
Sign into Skype. On the My Account page, scroll down to Settings and preferences.
Select Export contacts (. csv) to download the file

The most I have gotten is six lines into a spreadsheet using this suggestion:
Try from here Sign in to Skype

Settings>Contacts>Privacy>View List reveals all the accumulated contact but requires addressing them one by to clean the list.

Is there any way to get the job done without needing to do that?

I am guessing that I have 300 or more contacts, so I am looking for a way to export them all, wipe them out, then start all over.

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.