There are plenty of applications available for the PC that will straighten a badly framed image, most of the Photo Apps will have one. There are none that I know of that are specifically designed to do this It would be a solution to an issue that does not exist . PC's generally do not have a camera located at the back that can be used as a mobile phone.

Cameras on PC,s and Laptops are designed to work in different ways, to meet a different need - they are used for communication apps to display the image of the person you are talking to. I cannot see any reason to add a camera as used on a phone to a PC as it would be impractical and rather pointless.

The technology has existed on the PC for many years, you have to get your image into the computer via conventional means, IE a separate Camera and load the images into the computer

As the software required to correct badly shot images, geometrically, I have several options available to me from various sources. I use it often in Adobe Lightroom to correct parallax errors in buildings shot from awkward angles or skyscrapers shot with the camera pointing upwards, There are also a number of "Plugins" that can be used to correct geometry of an image, in a number of applications - DXO has recently added NIK Perspective Effects batch processing is an option in most applications once you have the images available

For documents specifically my printer has a built in scanner that has the technology to straighten scanned documents and improve presentation and them send the resultant copies to my PC. This is all automatic from feeding the multiple pages into the scanner, scanning and correcting any alignment issues, single or double sided and forwarding them, in one of a number of formats to the PC storage.

Microsoft Owns Office Lens, The Microsoft Store, and Windows 10 so it's more likely that the software is ported out to Android not the other way round. Microsoft has however never been a big player in the graphics market so this app is an add on to Office