I am experiencing a problem with Adobe XI, whereby the app shuts itself down after about ten seconds, or less.
This happens if I click the desktop Adobe XI shortcut as well as when I attempt to load an existing PDF file via File Manager. Adobe Reader does not have this problem.

Rebooting/Cold Startup of my PC did not help.

I ran Task Manager-Processes; but
to me things appear normally during the approximate ten-second interval.

FWIW, a newer version of Microsoft Edge (
Microsoft Edge is up to date.Version 83.0.478.54 (Official build) (64-bit) )
was (automagically) installed a couple of days ago. That is the only recent software change that I am aware of.

I am presently concerned with regaining use of the Adobe XI app.
Can anyone help me to regain the Adobe XI app?

Thanks for reading this. Be well and stay safe.