Upgrading to win10 and issues with Visual C++ Re-distributables

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    Upgrading to win10 and issues with Visual C++ Re-distributables

    I run Corel Video Studio (VS) and do a lot of video editing with it on my win7 desktop. I am the only user of the machine and use it as the admin user. The VS program uses a number of visual C++ re-distributables (about 4 per release version). The program is installed using a supplied installer (comes with the purchase package) and the installer makes any choices about which, and how many, re-distributables it needs based on the supported operating system that exists on the PC and downloads those from the Microsoft library, and installs them as part of the overall program installation process.
    I've found out that re-distributables installed originally under win7 do not run under win10 (various MS articles on that).

    Using the in-place migration method recommended by MS, upgraded the desktop to win10 and then under win10 I've uninstalled the VS program and the re-distibutables (both installed originally under win7), cleaned up and re-installed 2 versions: X10 and 2018. The re-distributables now in the P&F page are quite different - presumably the win10 versions - from those that were in the same page under win7.

    There is a specific function point in the program (selecting Share mode) where re-distributables are used: A screenshot illustrating what the display should look like:
    Upgrading to win10 and issues with Visual C++ Re-distributables-correct-share-panel.jpg

    Under the new win10 installation, installing x10 first (the older version) the program works, and the program started successfully. Selecting the Share page looks like the image above. Installing a 2nd version of VS (allowed, and used by me for class tutor purposes), the new 2018 newer version installed Ok, and selecting share also was OK. But at that point, re-starting X10 and re-checking the share mode indicated it was now failed. Screenshot on what that looks like:
    Upgrading to win10 and issues with Visual C++ Re-distributables-share-panel-freeze.jpg
    and at this point the only way to recover the PC is to use task manager and kill the application.

    I need to use multiple versions of VS under win10, just as I do/did under win7, so I reverted to win17 while I figured out why this "capture" of re-distributables" under win10 seems to be happening, and avoid it when I next try to upgrade to win10.

    Why is this problem occurring - whereby the last install of a program using redistributables effectively captures or takes over those needed by an earlier version install?? It never happened with win7.

    - - - Updated - - -

    updating . .
    a close friend (on hearing of my problems with this) mentioned that this condition might be caused by an installer "over-writing" a common file.
    Since Visual C++ re-distributables are involved, and these are by MS "community assets", usable once installed by any program, such a 'overwrite' if it exists must be a product specific thing. However, Corel's product technical support has a reputation among users (scan the product user forums for details) for a 'driveway' warranty (warranty elapses when leaving the driveway), tardiness in response and ineptitude regarding content.

    So, coming at it from the 'other end': is there any known way (eg, described in a software development kit or similar) that a program could reserve for itself a call to redistributables from programs in the same software series?
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    Personally I've recently uninstalled all of them, rebooted and reinstalled with no issues.

    I don't use Corel.

    Upgrading to win10 and issues with Visual C++ Re-distributables-hibit-uninstaller-2.3.50.jpg

    Download Visual C++ Runtime Installer (All-In-One) - MajorGeeks
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    I'm not clear on what the last 2 posts are saying.

    When I uninstalled re-distributables, it was one-by-one from the programs and features page of control panel.
    Are you - eLPuSHeR and Callender - saying that the utilities each of you use are better at uninstalling these than MS? or more convenient (eg, all at once)?

    please advise
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    My post was just a screenshot showing what was recently installed. Nothing was mentioned about removing software.
    Personally I never use Control Panel/ Windows uninstaller. My choice.

    I just linked a utility that I used to reinstall all VC++ runtimes.
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    Ok, you choose not to use the MS uninstaller for re-distributables. Any particular reason? And does that Hitbit (?) software do un-install too?
    Re-install isn't an issue - the VS progam installer will do that.
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    I just prefer to run the check for leftovers. With re-distributables it shouldn't be a problem but for other softwares a leftover check is more thorough.

    Also the linked utility is all-in-one installer.

    Download Visual C++ Runtime Installer (All-In-One) - MajorGeeks

    If you still have problems maybe fully uninstall Corel Video Studio. Uninstall re-distibutables. Reboot.

    Run the all-in-one-installer. Reinstall
    Corel Video Studio. If anything is missing it should download it.

    It would appear that correct operation of VC++ Runtimes used by
    Corel Video Studio might depend upon which versions of .NET Framework are installed. Specifically .NET Framework 4.6 (according to Corel Draw website)

    So you might want to investigate which versions are installed.

    Here's mine:

    Upgrading to win10 and issues with Visual C++ Re-distributables-net-version-detector.jpg

    It's just a guess on my part. Something to try - not a guaranteed fix.
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    +1 to what Callender said.
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    That's really interesting.
    My win7 PC to be upgraded #4 has versions of .net 4.8 delivered using the monthly update process over 2019/20.
    The times when I upgraded to win10, I recall there were some updates in #1 (over a frustrating 3 weeks trying to identify what caused the issue), but #2 and 3 were a bust within a day. And since I recovered to win7 the content of that detail is gone.
    So when I do #4, how do I ensure I can get .net 4.8 for win 10 loaded before I start re-installing??

    Interesting because there are reports of crashes and unreproducible fails in VS. And with VS reliant on VC++ redist, if those in turn rely on a .net platform there are a number of back door means of MS affecting the performance of VS which are beyond Corel's control.

    The iso file of my win10 version reports (in explorer) that it's version 10.0.18362.1, and I downloaded it on 26 nov 2019. What build is that???
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